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Grupo 7

The Group 7, belongs to the Association of Portuguese Scouts, is an association open to all youth and adults that want to integrate in Scouts movement as a way of life. Founded in 20th of May of 1913, kept its doors open uninterruptedly until today with the same colours and the same principles. It is assumed as a Group full of life, dynamism and energy. With its own characteristics well defined, the Group 7 has performing an important task since its foundation with all the young that have passed through this family. This fact is well visible, by the mark that they have left in this great movement.


Portuguese Scouts


The Portuguese Scouts is a youth educational non-profit association, with recognition in public utility. They are the founders of the movement in Portugal and the oldest youth association in the country, representing an activity open to all – independent, interfaith and multi-ethnic

Youth Organization

The Portuguese Scouts are the second larger youth organization in Portugal and count with more than 13 thousand young participants, and with around 150 local units spread around the country and autonomous regions. More than 300 thousand people have already been Scouts in Portugal.

Making Learning

In their activities and in non-formal educational methods, protection and contact with the nature, the environmental education, social intervention, cooperation for development, promotion for social volunteering, education for peace, culture, sports, health education and adult training, is used.

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Grupo 7
Portuguese Scouts

Calçada Moinho de Vento 3 

1169-114 Lisboa
Junta Freguesia de St. António

Mobile: +351 968 654 949


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